Art for me

Art for me it means creating a place where we can let go, a space that allows us the escape from the daily life thoughts and makes us deeply part of the present, of the here and now: the moment in which only the calmness and beauty of something that we perceive exist, and the place where we share this experience with other people.Art like a ritual. A surrealistic and oneiric performance that involves the audience in a multi sensorial common experience. Art as a medium to unite people.Concepts and Statements in Art “divide” the audience. Bringing them to watch, or listen from a personal perspective based on the personal experiences and/or cultural background.If we focus on the senses, on the perceptions, on the simple sensorial experience instead, we get closer to that pure human side of ourselves (or animal side as some people like to say) that we all have in common. Just perceiving.We acknowledge what relates us while sharing it.Art that communicates to that deep part of us that reminds us why we are alive and that makes us feel part of a whole, where colors, sounds, feelings, merge all together utopically, at least for few moments; part of which we forget in the chaos of external stimuli and in the chaos of everyday life. Art that creates that state of perception that positively stimulates and regenerates us, and that gives us new perspectives and ideas to face our daily life more creatively. 



Singer, composer, soundscaper and performance artist, Laryssa Kim uses in her performances and improvisations, live electronics to create hypnotic, surrealistic and dreamlike soundscapes. Italian, from Rome, she got a University degree in Humanities (in Foreign languages ​​and Literature at “L’Università degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza”), during the same period she followed courses of theatre, singing technique, belly dance and drawing. She moved to Amsterdam in 2008, there she continued her vocal studies (Estill Voice technique) and she performed for various festivals and events (among others: Magneet Festival, Amsterdam Roots Festival, ect). Intrigued more and more by the fusion between different fields of art, she started to follow more courses of theatre (Stanislavski and mime), dance workshops and she started to collaborate with different artists to explore together the potential of creating by blending different skills and Art forms. In 2011 Laryssa became part of a theater dance collective, based in Amsterdam "Mono Collective" as actress, dancer and musician.

Based in Brussels since 2013, she got the BAC at The Royal Conservatory of Mons in Acousmatic composition and she's currently following the Master.

Laryssa continues her solo project but often collaborates with artists from different art domains as theater, dance and visual art.

From 2014 she collabores with the dance collective Elma Bonds (

From December 2016 Laryssa Kim is part of the Collective Séneçon (acousmatic, electroacoustic, experimental music) ( and of the FeBeME (Belgian Federation for Electroacoustic Music) (